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O-edo-mikuji Shake and tell a tortune. -iPhone works as a sacred lot box.- This edition offers all 100 predictions.
The holy Buddhist priest, Teacher Gansan (912-985) appeared in the dreams of monk, Tenkai (1536-1643)Teacher Gansan gave Tenkai Compendium to Fortunes by Lots. The book included 100 different sacred predictions, seemingly prescriptions, given by the Goddess of Mercy, answering the people’s prayers to save them from worldly hardships. Modern ‘omikuji’ are derived from these original 100 predictions. These can vary from excellent luck, good luck, half good luck, a little luck, moderate luck, loss of luck to bad luck.
One is to use common sense and experience to make good judgments, then get a little help from the sacred lot. Follow proper manners: wash hands, rinse mouth, bow thrice, then draw from the sacred lot box. It works best if you recall concretely what you are feeling anxious about just prior to the drawing.
Experience the serenity of drawing a sacred lot in a Shinto shrine.
Japanese language version includes modern translation of the ancient language used in the predictions. Shake your iPhone/iPod touch well, and prepare yourself for the drawing. Daishi Gansan will appear with music.

*Please note that fortunes come straight from Edo era, and many medical predictions do not apply in modern times.

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*This application uses a large amount of memory. Please restart iPhone when operation is unstable. Trouble might improve it.

■ Release: 2009/4/20 ver. 1.5  $0.99

(2009/11/29 ver. 1.4)I improved a performance.
(2009/10/24 ver. 1.3)A top screen was changed.
(2009/9/19 ver. 1.2)Add save function.
(2009/7/21 ver. 1.1)Special price for a limited time!$0.99-/English is displayed in the result when English is set.

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